Master Photographers Association.


The Master Photographers Association for Professional Photographers. 




Established in 1952 and with over 1000 members, the Master Photographers Association is the United Kingdom’s only organisation for, qualified and professional photographers. 

Ray Lowe, MPA chief executive says: The MPA is the only trade body in the UK that insists its members are qualified photographers. All our members are bound by the MPA’s strict Code of Conduct; this gives the public confidence that they’ll be dealt with fairly, honestly and helpfully. When you choose a MPA photographer, you can be certain that you have chosen creativity, professionalism and dedication. And all members must pass at least the Licentiate entrance qualification, so you can be confident that their images are of a high standard.

Professional Portraiture

Have you had a professional portrait taken of your family recently?

Modern portrait sessions have evolved a great deal from the static, impersonal events they once were. Portrait sessions are all about the experience, with many photographic sessions no longer being confined to the studio. Outdoor locations or settings at your home may be used, according to your taste and the style in which you would like to be photographed.

Portraits make great gifts for parents and grandparents and are a wonderful addition to any home.

Many people show their photographer magazine images that illustrate the style of photography that appeals to them. This helps you both in designing how your portrait may look. A beautifully taken photograph that captures a unique moment in time perhaps with your children before they become teenagers is something to treasure for the rest of your life.

And a modern lifestyle photograph in a contemporary frame is a wonderful and unique addition to your home.

Taking the family for a portrait sitting with a professional photographer can be great fun, and that’s before you’ve even seen the pictures!

Benefits of using a Qualified Master Photographer.

MPA Photographers are guaranteed to:

  • Strive continually to uphold the professional standard of their work and to improve the standard of practice in the profession as a whole.
  • Conduct themselves so as to uphold the reputation of the Association and with it the spirit and dignity of their profession.
  • Deal fairly, honestly and helpfully with their clients, employer, employees, suppliers and fellow members and when required to give professional opinion shall do so conscientiously and without malice.
  • A member shall exercise all reasonable skill, care and diligence in the discharge of their duties and, in so far as any of their duties are discretionary, shall act fairly and in good faith.
  • A member shall at all times and in all respects conduct their professional and business operations within the law.